ICQ 8 Build 5990

Free Calls and Messages, Talk, chat, send files and share location from any mobile, tablet or PC

Upgrade to ICQ 8

Meet the new generation of ICQ.

ICQ 8 Build 5990

Free Calls and Messages, Talk, chat, send files and share location from any mobile, tablet or PC

Upgrade to ICQ 8

Meet the new generation of ICQ. Enjoy free video calls, messages and SMS,

<em>New design</em>
ICQ 8 allows you to chat the way you want: select either a single window mode to view your active contacts or tabs mode.social networks support and more.

<em>Free video calls</em>
With high definition video calls you can chat face to face with your friends and family as often as you want.

<em>Low cost phone calls</em>
Save money on phone calls with ICQ. Call mobile phones and landlines all over the world and enjoy the low rates.

<em>Multi instance login</em>
Stay connected on all platforms at the same time: PC, mobile, and web.

<em>Email notifications</em>
ICQ can check your mail for you. Simply add your email account and start receiving notifications about new emails in your inbox.

<em>Social networks</em>
ICQ allows you to chat with friends from Facebook, Google Talk and other social networks and messengers.

ICQ Top Features:

See your family and friends whenever you want with free ICQ video calls. Thanks to high definition video calls you can now experience the joy of a face-to-face conversation, no matter how far you are. Free calls are available to ICQ users worldwide!

A trip out of town or a busy work schedule is no longer a reason to miss out on seeing your loved ones. With free ICQ video calls your family and friends are just a call away.

Got a new pet? Received a cool new gadget? Go ahead, start a video call on ICQ and share the news with your friends.

<em>Free Voice Calls</em>

Make free voice calls to your friends and family all over the world. Enjoy great sound quality and talk for free as much as you like.

Call whenever you want
Whether you just want to hear the voice of your loved ones or need to discuss something important OCo use free ICQ calls.

Don't let distance get in the way
When you are far away from your family and friends, every minute of the conversation is precious.Call your ICQ contacts free of
charge, no matter where they are

<em>Call Any Phone Number</em>
With ICQ 8 you can call mobile phones and lanlines anywhere in the world

Use free ICQ voice calls to make a local or international call on ICQ OCo save money with low rates on calls to any country.
Quick Login</em>

Signing in to ICQ is fast and easy. Log in with your mobile phone number and start chatting.

Sign in with your phone number. ItOCOs fast, itOCOs easy and itOCOs also the most secure way to sign in.To log in with your phone number, submit the activation code sent to you via SMS,

You can also sign in with your Facebook, Odnoklassniki or Vkontakte account details. All of your friends will appear in your contact list so you can start chatting directly from ICQ.

<em>Social Networks</em>

Connect your social networks and messengers accounts to ICQ and chat with all of your friends using one application.

You can connect ICQ to popular social networks like Facebook, Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte, and to messengers like Google Talk, Mail.Ru Agent and others. Once you connect your accounts to ICQ, all your contacts from the social network or messenger will appear in your ICQ contact list.

<em>Share Photos and Videos</em>

Send photos, videos and other files to your friends

You can send files to your ICQ contacts and to your friends on Facebook, Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte.
Multi-Instance Login</em>

Continue the conversation no matter where you are

You will never miss a message with ICQ, even when you switch devices. ICQ allows you to stay simultaneously logged in from your computer, mobile device and web-interface.

<em>Email Notifications</em>

No email will go unnoticed with ICQ
Connect your email account to ICQ and get notifications about new messages in your Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Mail.Ru inboxes.
Requirements: Windows XP (with SP3 support), Vista, Windows 7


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